365 Cans of Sardines | approximately 10' x 8' | beeswax, wheat, mustard seeds, cinnamon, cocoa, powdered milk & grape juice on the lids of full cans of sardines.
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LDS Church members believe we are in the last days before the apocalypse and second coming of Christ. In order to promote the independence and safety of its people the LDS Church leaders have asked that each household store a year’s worth of food per person in the form of home canning, dry packing and store-bought preserved goods. Inspired and framed by the culture of Mormonism, emergency food storage has gained a much broader relevance in our current global climate. This past year we have witnessed media coverage of several epic natural disasters around the globe. Americans are constantly reminded of our conflicts over seas and the ever-present threat of terrorism on our homeland. Food storage and emergency-preparedness planning are common topics that reach far beyond Mormon communities. Most children are asked to keep emergency supplies in their desks at school, many companies have handed out disaster kits to all of their employees, and our nation’s leaders have also advised that we keep a supply of food and other essentials on hand in case of emergencies. Gathering supplies has become smart and prudent. I believe it also serves to make people feel secure in the face of these intangible and ever-present dangers.